Vava'u - sateliteThe rain was pouring when we drove back to Fua’Amotu airport for our flight to Vava’u island in the northern Vava’u Group (this group was lucky when cyclone Ian devastated large parts of Tonga’s Ha’api group in January). When we walked onto the tarmac we were at first still looking for our plane when it dawned on us that this tiny twin-prop was going to be our ride. The plane was on loan from AirVanuatu because REALTonga airlines apparently cannot even afford their own planes (their second plane, a slightly larger ATR, was a gift from the People’s Republic of China after their previous plane ‘retired’). With only 18 seats and an open cockpit it was kind of interesting to watch our pilots during the pre-flight checks … until the seatbelt sign fell off the front wall and suddenly all passengers became silent. Surprisingly enough it was a really smooth ride with beautiful island views!


Once we arrived at Mystic Sands resort we slowed down to local Tonga island time for the next few days: Sleeping, eating, reading, snorkelling and more sleeping. The most exciting adventure was a one hour walk to the nearest village in hope for a cafe by the beach – hahaha, we’re still in Tonga.




Unfortunately I also found a German book in the book exchange library of a very odd German guy who emigrated to Tonga and dared to waste precious hours of my life by writing the utterly annoying and boring book “Hans der Tonganer” … brrrrrr.

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  1. flipteaz says:

    Mega spannend zum lesen! Viel (mehr) Glück und gute Zeit. Wurden die fischenden Schweine im Lonely erwähnt? Klingt echt sehenswert 🙂

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