A little bit of luxury …

OH NOOO … we have only two more days left in the South Pacific islands. To cope with the shock of leaving the blissful island life behind soon we took refuge in beautiful Mangoes Resort in Port Vila. After our adventures in Tanna we deserved a little bit of luxury. Let’s just say that you can deal with bad news a lot better on your private sun deck or in your own little plunge pool 🙂

When we were staying at the Vanuatu Beachfront Apartments in Mele we never quite made it across to Hideaway Island a couple hundred metres off the beach. So we decided to go there for our last snorkelling trip in Vanuatu and check out the ‘world famous’ underwater post office of Hideaway Island. In the end there were way too many children and way to little nice coral in the water for our taste, but at least we can tick underwater post office off our bucket list now.

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