Mount Yasur – a real lava volcano at last

“It’s gonna be a bumpy ride” is probably the best description, as the four-wheel trip to Mount Yasur on the south eastern tip of Tanna island was not very comfy, but when we finally reached the volcano after a two hour drive along impossible jungle tracks and dirt roads – it was definitely worth it. Yasur is supposedly the most easily accessible active volcano in the world and we were indeed sitting right at the rim of the crater watching the lava fireworks at dusk. Finally a volcano with real read hot lava! It was awesome and intimidating at the same time to hear the explosions down in the crater, feel the vibration from the eruption and then see the hot lava rocketing into the sky.

Mount Yasur


And what is the last thing you need after a two hour safari through the jungle? Exactly, a flat tire on the proper gravel road just a few hundred metres from your destination!

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