Brisbane, Gold Coast – our stopover in Oz

flightFinding the best and cheapest flight connection from one place to another is like a big three dimensional puzzle and something we’re getting particularly good at during our trip. Unfortunately island hopping from Vanuatu into South-East Asia was not an option … my personal favourite would have been Vanuatu – Solomon Islands – Nauru – Micronesia – Guam – Palau – Philippines … but there simply were no connections across the equator there. Believe me – I’ve looked for a long time! So the cheapest and most direct connection took us from Vanuatu to Brisbane and then with Scoot (yes, that’s an airline) from Gold Coast to Singapore.

So here we were in Brisbane! Melbournians and Sydneysiders usually smile at the little town up in Queensland that wants to play with the big boys, but after months in the south pacific and New Zealand we were quite flashed by the metropolis of Brisbane. It was great to enjoy a little bit of civilisation (well as much civilisation as you can get in Queensland anyway), have a decent cup of coffee in one of the cute CBD cafés and do some city sightseeing for a change. The South Bank made for a great river stroll and the Cathedral of Saint Stephen right in the centre of the CBD was a beautifully tranquil retreat from the bustling city!

Nepalese Peace Pagoda


The Nepalese Peace Pagoda at the South Banks World Expo site was a perfect outlook as to what lies ahead of us on our trip. We’re certainly looking forward to see some elephants in South-East Asia soon 🙂



Special thanks to Leon and his family for a fun South Africa BBQ and a room for the night in Brizzie’s suburbs! Make sure your new pool is ready for our next visit – we’ll do a particularly thorough inspection of the steps 😉


Gold Coast – a summer vacation spot in its own right – was just a one night stopover for us. We had just enough time for a stroll along the beach and some early dinner … our flight was at 9am the next morning which meant getting up at 6 … Brrrrr.

The clowns from Scoot turned out to be one of the few airlines in the world that have a 15 kg baggage limit for international flights and couldn’t even bother to mention it on their e-tickets! So our cheap flight deal turned slightly more pricey after we had settled the bill for our excess luggage 😦

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1 Response to Brisbane, Gold Coast – our stopover in Oz

  1. flipteaz says:

    Ohh mann, genau so ein Bild mit QLD und NSW wollten wir damals auch machen, verpassten es dann aber irgendwie… 😳
    Wie ist es zurück in Australien? Wie lange seid ihr insgesamt nun noch unterwegs? Unser Abenteuer geht leider am 4. Juni zu Ende… 😩
    Freuen uns auf weitere lustige Berichte von euren Erlebnissen!! Die netten Überraschungen à la 15kg Freigepäck sind echt tolle Geschichten! 😉
    Liebe Grüsse aus L.A.

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