Farewell land of the long white cloud

We had spent 82 exiting days in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud. We climbed mountains and volcanoes, enjoyed beautiful bed & breakfasts and remote camp grounds, swam with dolphins and fed sand flies … most of all we met some terrific people on our travels! Against all odds, our sorry excuse of a rental car carried us over 10.000 km across the whole country until we finally dumped it at the rental station at the airport. And then we were back on foot with our two fully packed backpacks on the way to the check in counter, ready for our next adventure. But there was one last farewell, because Marie and Brian came all the way from their camper holiday in Miranda to send us off at the airport! You’re just the best and we’ll definitely visit you again next time we’re in New Zealand 🙂

Tasman glacier lake


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