Aitutaki island paradise

After three days in Rarotonga it was already time to head to our next island destination and Air Rarotonga brought us safely to beautiful Aitutaki where we would spend the next week in island bliss.


Our resort was located on Motu Akitua, a small (windy) little islet with magnificent views of the lagoon. Sadly most of the staff seemed to lack the genuine Polynesian friendliness we found almost everywhere else in the Cook Islands and you could really feel that they were ‘just doing their job’. Lucky enough some of the other guests were really nice and happy to chat and we may even visit some of them in New Zealand and Australia next year 😉


Apart from plenty of eating, sleeping and reading there was still enough time for:

Snorkelling …

… Crab racing …

… ‘wild’life …

… Stand up paddle boarding …

… and a scooter trip around the main island. The local street signs were a bit confusing at first (haven’t we seen a slightly different Hollywood sign somewhere else?) but with only 2.000 people living on Aitutaki it wasn’t that difficult to find our way around 😉 Too bad the weather rock was wet and swinging wildly that night – making our scooter ride home a fierce battle with the elements at 40 km/h.

A surprise highlight on Aitutaki was Sunday church service in Arutanga with the women all dressed up in their beautifully decorated palm leaf hats and everybody singing – kind of like Whoopie Goldberg in ‘Sister Act’ – loud, enthusiastic and really really good! And after service everybody was invited to a community lunch organised for a high school group visiting from New Zealand. True Polynesian hospitality! Too sad we didn’t bring our camera that day.

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1 Response to Aitutaki island paradise

  1. wolfgang meier says:

    Jetzt musste ich erst mal googlen – den Namen Aitutaki hatte ich ja noch nie gehört! Das schaut ja traumhaft aus! Paddy hat gleich gemeint, dass wir doch bitte auch auf diese Insel in den Ferien fahren könnten. Andi und er haben doch jetzt den Tauchschein und das schaut ja wirklich wie ein Paradies aus unter Wasser
    Wir wünschen euch ein schönes Weihnachtsfest – wie man auf den Fotos sieht habt ihr euer Geschenk ja schon 🙂

    Liebe Grüße
    Katja mit Wolfgang und den Jungs

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