Aitutaki lagoon snorkelling

ā€¦ almost forgot to post about our other big highlight of Aitutaki: Instead of creeping through the lagoon on board of one of the bigger tourist boats we joined another couple from our resort on a private snorkelling trip with captain Black Jack! Much more fun and way less people in the water šŸ˜‰


Those are friendly fishies, right? RIGHT?



A short visit to Honeymoon Island, ‘Survivor” island and Motu Tapuaeta’i (one foot island):

Unfortunately the post office was closed that day and we could not send all your postcards just yet šŸ˜‰ Whoever is interested in the remaining 2.000 pictures of Aitutaki is more than welcome to visit us after our trip for a loooong picture watching session.


Bea and Wolfgang

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