Auckland International Airport
Saturday 21st December 2013
at 4:30 in the morning


Our first day in New Zealand and nothing was working out the way we planned!

– We were tired after being up all night on the plane.
– It was freezing on the plane and chilly in Auckland.
– We lost a full day returning back over the date line
(Bea really wants me to write, that we’re “back to the future” 🙂 ).
– The phone SIM card was not working (thanks to Optus Australia who ‘forgot’ to network unlock our iPhone as we found out after 4 hours of excessive swearing)!
– The rental car was a piece of @#$% … and it’s not even from rent-a-wreck!
– It struck us that we hadn’t really planned much ahead for the next two months!

But the mood brightened after a good night’s sleep and we spent the next four days sightseeing in Auckland, shopping for camping equipment and ‘celebrating’ a very uneventful Christmas Eve in our youth hostel room with our miniature Christmas tree and a – not quite traditional – Christmas Döner.


City sightseeing


Mount Eden


North head

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1 Response to Auckland

  1. Bettina says:

    Hallo ihr zwei, unser Weihnachtsbaum war dieses Jahr auch nicht wirklich größer. Wahrscheinlich hattet ihr einen tollen Rutsch, die Bilder machen einen ja neidisch. Aber nächste Woche soll es bei uns endlich mal schneien … fühlt euch gedrückt trotz der 17.978km! (dich = euch)

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