Rarotonga one last time

Rarotonga Kia OranaEven the immigration officer was sorry for us when we told her that we only had 10 hours for our last stopover in the Cook Islands before flying to to New Zealand.

Nevertheless we intended to make the most of it and went for a last scooter tour around the island.


Back in Avarua we enjoyed some Ikamata (traditional Cook Island dish made of raw fish in a yummy lemon coconut sauce) with fresh coconut drinks while watching the tropical Christmas Santa parade 🙂

For our final sundowner we went back to the Waterline Restaurant, where we had our very first dinner on the island almost three weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when this (harmless) little gecko was suddenly jumping at my leg 😮

aere ra (goodbye) Cook Islands! We will miss you!

"uhhh yeees! I will miss you too"

“Uhhh yeees! I will miss you too”

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