Bora Bora – parlez vous français?

After two beautiful and relaxing weeks in the Cook Islands it was time to say good bye and head to our next island destination Bora Bora. The 2 1/2 hour Air Tahiti flight from Rarotonga first took us to Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia on Tahiti, for a one night stopover. We spent just enough time there to realise that people really speak French in this part of the world – well it is called French Polynesia after all – and have dinner at one of the famous roulottes at Vaiete Square. It has been quite a while since the last French lesson at school and lucky enough the Tahitians appreciated the few words we remembered and politely switched to English in their response 😉

The next morning it was only a 45 minute hop from Tahiti to Bora Bora:

Since we were both not feeling too well the first couple of days on the island we took it easy, caught up on some reading and enjoyed Tahitian Hinano beer on the beach.

Our highlight on Bora Bora definitely was the jet ski tour around the lagoon …

And if you’re walking along the shore because you don’t want to spend $100 a day for a lousy scooter this is what you just might see:

In our experience five days was enough time to scratch Bora Bora off our bucket list and return to Tahiti.
Bora Bora farewell view

à bientôt
Bea and Wolfgang

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2 Responses to Bora Bora – parlez vous français?

  1. Leon says:

    Beautiful place!

  2. Cecile says:

    I can’t believe you made it there — without giving me the opportunity to teach you some French. Go walk about my dear friends (and former neighbours). Your Cécile

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